Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday.... Ever have one of those days??

Good morning! It is 47 degrees and sunny in Pleasant View, TN. Yesterday, I had a doozie of a day!! It started going downhill after I got off work yesterday morning, which means that I had already been up 17 hours. Everything started pretty smooth, I took Maggie to the groomer to get her hair "did," and they said, "Miss Maggie is due for her Bordetella vaccination." I said, "Ok, sure." I handed Maggie off, and of course she made me feel bad for leaving her there by crying as soon as I handed her over. So great, thanks Maggie!! She is absolutely fine and loves the lady who cuts her hair, so I don't know what the big deal!!
I was then on my way to Clarksville to order a cake for a baby shower that we are having on Sunday, and it was a beautiful day. I got to the cake store and was a little early, so I jumped out of the car to see what time the store opened. The sign said 10am, and I had half an hour until then, so I thought I would go run another errand while I waited. WRONG!! I got back in the car to leave, cranked it up, and tried to put the car in Reverse. Well, the stupid button that you push to engage the gear shift wouldn't push in which means I was stuck in park. I will attest to how sore my arm is from pulling and yanking on the gear shift like I expected a different result! I called my Uncle James, my car-trouble savior, and he got on the phone with his people trying to get me some help. I called my Mom to freak out about it, like I have to do, before my rational brain kicks in. She, of course, was great with helping that part, as she always is. By this time, the cake store was open, so I went in and ordered the precious cake we will eat on Sunday. I will tell you more about it after the shower is over. But I digress.... so.... a very nice young man came over to try and help me get the stupid car in reverse. He was unable to do anything which meant "tow truck" time. He gave me a ride over to Gateway Tire, which is where my Uncle, the savior, had called. My car was towed over and another nice young man fixed it, or so we thought. He said, "There was a fuse that shorted out, which caused the gear shift not to engage." I said, "Ok, how much do I owe you?" He said, "Nothing." At this point, I must stop and put in a plug for the great guys over at the Gateway Tire and Services in Clarksville, TN. They were so nice and did a great job. Go see them for all your car needs!! OK, now... by this time, it was almost 12 noon, which means I had been up for 22 hours and was starving. I drove over to the O'Charley's on Riverside Drive to have some lunch. Love, love, love their rolls, by the way. After I had the yummy lunch, I walked out to my lovely working car, got in, fastened my seat belt, cranked it up, put my foot on the brake, and pushed the lovely button to engage the gear shift. THE STUPID BUTTON WOULDN'T WORK!! I was ready to just give up and sleep right there in my car. I called the nice people over at Gateway Tire, and the nice man on the phone said, "I will send the mechanic right over." WOW! So I called my Mom and freaked out again. The nice young man that fixed my car the first time came up and tried again. He removed both the back brake lights and taped some stuff with that black electrical tape and replaced some more fuses, and said, "Ok, I don't know if I got it completely fixed this time, but I am going to show you how to put a new fuse in the control panel so you won't have to be towed if it happens again." He then gave me four fuses in case I needed them. Did I mention how sweet these nice people are??
I left Clarksville after being there for 4 hours more than I had originally planned and went on my way to pick Maggie up at the groomer. She was happy to see me and get out of there. She looks really cute, and they put a cute, little Pooh Bear bandanna on her. So, here was the ultimate test. I paid the bill, took my wriggly Maggie out to the car, got in, fastened my seat belt, cranked up the car, and pushed in the lovely little put on the gear shift. IT WORKED, HALLELUJAH! I then proceeded to drive my tired, 24-hour body home and crash on the couch for a few hours before I woke up at 6 pm and went to bed.
I got a solid 12 hours sleep, and today is a brand new day!! YAY! I thank God for all my blessings that he gave me yesterday, just like he does every other day of my life. To God be the glory!! I am looking forward to my Mama coming on Friday and spending the weekend with me! I will be telling you all about that soon!! Love to all and remember to be thankful for your blessings today!
S :)

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