Friday, August 28, 2009

We're Off To See The Wizard...

Ok, so I am not actually off to see the wizard, but I am going out of town for the weekend. One of my cousins gets married tomorrow night, and I will be attending, which means I have to go out of town. A big thank-you to Cara for helping out with the house and Maggie for a couple days. Please remember me today, as I will be driving down the interstate on maybe 2 hours sleep.
Hopefully, lots of pictures to come. Until next time, be blessed. S =)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Music Wednesday and other things~

Good morning,
Excuse me if I sound delirious during this post. I worked last night which means I have been awake since 2 yesterday afternoon!!
I just love it when new music comes out from some of my favorite artists! Today on iTunes, I am purchasing the first three singles from A Fine Frenzy's new album Bomb in a Birdcage. It is due out in stores on 9/8, but you can purchase the singles now, on iTunes, like I just said..... see with the deliriousness... is that a word.
Anyways, here is the attached album cover and so far, I like everything I am hearing... Go check it out.
I also couldn't pass up some classics's that I have been meaning to add to my eclectic collection... how about some Stevie Nicks "Edge of Seventeen" and Tom Petty's "Mary Jane's Last Dance."
I have also been promising to update about a fun activity that my friend Leslie and I participated in when she came up to Nashville recently. First of all, I should preface this by saying.... I do not have an artistic notion/bone/whatchamacallit in my body, so for this activity, I was a little nervous! The place is called Sips~N~Strokes. Here is the website. ... They have many locations, so you will have to visit to see if there is one near you. You basically go here to paint a picture from scratch. This ain't no paint-by-numbers junk. Sips-n-Strokes puts a calendar up every month, and they assist with a painting per night. So everyone does the same painting. Get it.... if you don't, go to the website. It's helpful. Here are the pictures we took from that night.

You can see the faint outline of a person... this is one of the things the staff does for you.

Here is a picture of Leslie and I before we got started.

Leslie, in front of her canvas.

Me, being silly with my canvas

Phase 1 of the project

Another phase

Almost done!

The finished product... some of the staff used "bumpy" paint to accentuate the curves. It really defined the pictures raw edges!!

Leslie and I showing off our art work... picture's a little dark

I hope you enjoyed this post.... It is now 10:30p, and I finally finished writing this. I had to give in to sleep. Yawn!!! Still sleepy! I just got home from church. I got to hold sweet, baby Rachel during services!! She was a precious angel the whole time and was able to catch a quick nap halfway through service. Can't wait to have kids of my own!! Hoping it is sooner rather than later!! Anyway, I hope this post finds everyone happy and shiny. Until next time, be blessed... S :)

2nd Annual Fall TV Lineup (2009)

Well, it is that time of year again!! I have been doing this for many years, but this is only the 2nd time on blogger.
This year, I decided to do things differently... mainly to see if I like it better. I decided that I wasn't being fair to the all the other shows and networks. So in order to give everyone a fair shake, I will be listing as much information as I can find about the main networks, ie ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, The CW, HBO, and Showtime. I will try to make it less confusing by grouping all shows together by network and then putting them in chronological order. So, lets begin....
Wait: First you need to know what all my little squiggles are going to mean. For instance, if you see this (*) behind a show, it means this is a new program. If you see this (~), it means I watch this show. Ok, ok... now I'm ready.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition~ premieres 9/27 at 7p
Desperate Housewives~ 9/27 at 8p
Brothers and Sisters~ 9/27 at 9p
Dancing with The Stars premieres 9/21 at 7p
Castle~ 9/21 at 9p
Sharktank* at 7p
DWTS results 9/22 at 8p
The Forgotten*~ 9/22 at 9p
Hank* premieres 9/30 at 7p
The Middle* 9/30 at 7:30p
Modern Family* 9/23 at 8p
Cougar Town* 9/23 at 8:30p
Eastwick*~ 9/23 at 9p
Flashforward* premieres 9/24 at 7p
Grey's Anatomy~ 9/24 at 8p (possibly a 2-hr premiere since PP doesn't start on same date)
Private Practive~ 10/1 at 9p
Super Nanny 10/16 at 7p
Ugly Betty 10/9 at 8p
>>Lost; The Bachelor; Better Off Ted; Scrubs; happytown*; The Deep End*; V* will begin showing mid-season<< FOX
Simpsons 9/27
The Cleveland Show* 9/27
Family Guy 9/27
American Dad* 9/27
House~ premieres 9/21 at 7p
Lie to Me 9/28 at 8p
So You Think You Can Dance premieres 9/9 at 7p
SYTYCD results 7p
Glee~ 9/9 at 8p
Bones~ premieres 9/17 at 7p
Fringe~ 9/17 at 8p
Brothers* premieres 9/25 at 7p
Til Death 9/25 at 7:30p
Dollhouse~ 9/25 at 8p

The Amazing Race premieres 9/27 at 7p
Three Rivers* 10/4 at 8p
Cold Case 9/27 at 9p
How I Met Your Mother premieres 9/21 at 7p
Accidentally on Purpose* 9/21 at 7:30p
Two and a Half Men 9/21 at 8p
Big Bang Theory 9/21 at 8:30p
CSI: Miami 9/21 at 9p
NCIS premieres 9/22 at 7p
NCIS: Los Angeles* 9/22 at 8p
The Good Wife* 9/22 at 9p
The New Adventures of Old Christine premieres 9/23 at 7p
Gary Unmarried 9/23 at 7:30p
Criminal Minds 9/23 at 8p
CSI:NY 9/23 at 9p
Survivor: Samoa at 7p
CSI 9/24 at 8p
The Mentalist 9/24 at 9p
Ghost Whisperer premieres 9/25 at 7p
Medium* 9/25 at 8p *(new to CBS)
Numb3rs 9/25 at 9p

Heroes premieres 9/21 at 7p
Trauma* 9/28 at 8p
The Jay Leno Show* 9/14 9p
The Biggest Loser premieres 9/15 at 7p
The Jay Leno Show 9p
Mercy* premieres 9/23 at 7p
Law & Order: SVU 9/23 at 8p
Jay Leno Show 9p
The Community* 7p
Parks & Recreation 9/17 at 7:30p
The Office 9/17 at 8p
30 Rock 10/15 at 8:30p
Jay Leno Show 9p
Law & Order premieres 9/25 at 7p
Southland* 9/25 at 8p
Jay Leno Show 9p

The CW
One Tree Hill~ premieres 9/14 at 7p
Gossip Girl~ 9/14 at 8p
90210 premieres 9/8 at 7p
Melrose Place* 9/8 at 8p
America's Next Top Model premieres 9/9 at 7p
The Beautiful Life* 9/16 at 8p
The Vampire Diaries*~ premieres 9/10 at 7p
SuperNatural 9/10 at 8p
Smallville premieres 9/25 at 7p

Bored to Death* premieres 9/20
Curb Your Enthusiasm 9/20

Californication~ premieres 9/27
Dexter~ 9/27

Nip/Tuck premieres 10/14

So, there you have it folks. Happy watching!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Picture Blog continued...

Hello again,
I will try this again. Yesterday while I was on here to upload some new pictures, the photo uploader was not working properly so I am back to give it another shot. I left off with the pictures on the day I bought my first place, so I will pick up with my July stay-cation.
Here goes...

This is a picture of Mama and I freezing in the back of Aunt Anna's truck. We were both wrapped up in towels for the entire trip into Nashville.

This is the reason we were freezing in the backseat!! Danny has to have the air on frigid at all times.

This was taken before we went to eat in Springfield at a restaurant called The Depot Bar and Grill. This was my first time eating here. It was recommended to me by a co-worker. Man, was it good!! We all got the 12 oz. ribeye, and I got sweet potato fries for my side. Everything was wonderful!! I recently went back to eat there and got Texas Tails which is my new favorite!!

A picture of me with Mama and Aunt Anna

A picture of me with Mama and Danny =)

Maggie enjoying having company... especially her Gramama!

So these are the best photos from my summer stay-cation... I really enjoyed having Mama, Danny, Aunt Anna, Rusty(dog), and Bailey(dog) over for a few days in my new home! We got a lot of things done, and we had a great time... even if we did get a little grouchy with each other. That is just a part of it when you are with family!

Hopefully tomorrow, I will blog about where Leslie and I went last Saturday night. We had a blast.

Until next time, be blessed!! S ;)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So sorry!!

Ok, so I haven't been on here in forever!!! So sorry, it has been a crazy few months! Lots of stuff to tell and catch everyone up on, but this post will be mostly pictures!! As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words...
Some of my cousins came for a visit back in June for the CMA Music Festival that Nashville has every year downtown. These are pictures from that weekend.

Above picture: Shawna, Cindy, Michelle, and I at the Ryman in downtown Nashville.

Cindy and I at the Ryman

My security blanket and I at the Ryman

Shawna, Cindy, Mera, me, and Michelle onstage at the Ryman

The next photos are on the day that I bought my first home.... June 26, 2009!!!

The most awesome realtor ever, Suzy Roholt!!

My Mom and me (June 26th)

She hates taking pictures!!

Leslie and me

Ok, sorry to cut this picture blog short, but there is something wrong with the photo uploader. It is taking too long!! I have way too many pictures to upload for today, so I will do this is pieces I guess. Until tomorrow... Be blessed!!