Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall TV update

So since I posted a schedule of all the shows coming up this fall, I thought I would do an update to include some of my thoughts on how things are going on my shows!! Let's start from the beginning!
Sundays: I do not watch the Amazing Race:(. I don't have the extra time with all the other shows I watch on Sunday night. Extreme Home Makeover has been okay. They have helped some very deserving families so far. I just think sometimes it gets to be the same over and over. My favorite part of the show is after they "MOVE THAT BUS!" anyway. All I can say about Desperate Housewives is that it is different yet the same. Things have been fast forwarded 5 years into the future: Edie is back with a mysteriously, up-to-no-good type husband; Susan and Mike are no longer together due to a strained marriage after a tragedy, and she is dating a cutie who seems to be younger than her; Lynette's kids are grown up, in high-school, and still wreaking havoc on her life; Bree is the same except more successful at being the perfect housewife; and the most surprising is that Gaby is a mother of two who is dealing with her overweight children, blind husband, and lack of money! I never thought Gaby would be this character on this show!! Brothers and Sisters is more of the same but still intriguing. The family is still getting way too involved in each others business which spawns horrendous meltdowns wherever they go. It just wouldn't be a show about the brothers and sisters Walker if the fights didn't break out. Sally Fields character Nora Walker continues to be the mother hen matriarch, Kitty and Robert are happily married and trying to adopt, Justin and Rebecca are beginning their relationship as a couple (cute), Tommy is being a jerk and continuing to be selfish where his family is concerned, Sarah is trying to meet the needs of the company's new boss, her father's mistress, and deal with her kids as a single mom, Kevin is married and has just found out that he lost a big client for his law firm, Ojai Foods, his family's business. Things are going to get worse for this brood before it gets better. I watch two other shows that weren't on the original schedule. These are HBO's True Blood and Entourage. True Blood is a present-day story about vampires living in the world with humans with equal rights. It is set in a small, very country Louisiana town starring Anna Paquin as Sookie, the blond virgin who is falling for the dark, handsome "good-guy" vampire Bill. It is an awesome new spin on the lives of the fictional characters and I highly recommend it. This show is not for the faint-hearted. Entourage is a returning show about a bunch of buddies living in the 90210 zip and trying to make it in Hollywood. Only one of them is a successful movie star and their daily antics of living a wild and partying life are absolutely spot-on and hilarious. Jeremy Piven who plays the movie star's agent is the best in the business. It shows because he has won an Emmy for his role 4 consecutive years! This coming year will not be any different!** How do I watch all this on the same night? It's called TiVo baby~!!
Mondays: I am not watching Dancing with the Stars at all! Don't even get me started!! Samantha Who is not back on yet but I think will start on Monday. Gossip Girl has continued to not disappoint with taking viewers inside the extravagant life of the Upper East Siders, Manhattan's Elite. Teen chaos continues to reign! One Tree Hill is good this year as well. Lucas definitely made the right decision when he picked Peyton to marry, (even though they did not get married). I have every confidence that they will tie the knot before the season ends. Hayley and Nathan got a scare when psycho Nanny Carrie came back and tried more shenanigans to steal their precious son. Dan and Deb came to the rescue. Deb with a bottle of champagne she was saving for being rid of Dan, and Dan with a pistol and a shot right between the eyes. If she comes back now, that would just be stupid!! Dan is not dead yet but well on his way unless he has the heart transplant and it better not come from any of the characters on the show!!! I will be pissed! Nathan gave Deb the OK to continue her relationship with the much younger Antwone (Skills). Brooke was robbed and beaten on the season opener, (I think maybe raped too) but she hasn't opened up to anyone about it except Deb. Everyone else thinks she fell down the stairs in her house. How stupid are they??? Mouth has left the show, but his girlfriend Milly who left with him is back and going to help Brooke turn herself in the right direction. Hills is also on Mondays at 9pm. This season has been more of the same and just "ok."
Tuesdays: House is going in a better direction this year as compared to last. When the show began last season, all three of his interns were gone and the show didn't feel right. This year brings back the three interns left from last season's Survivor-type challenge for the intern spots. They are pretty cool characters and are beginning to grow on me. House is going through a lot with his best friend Wilson leaving the hospital and his friendship with him being over as well. I read that his relationship with Cuddy will be taken to the next level this season (Can we all say FINALLY!) and he is now becoming fast friends with a private investigator who is trying to get blackmail for House to use in getting what he wants. All in all, I give this season two thumbs up! The Fringe is a great new show on Fox!! There is something strange going on with these terrorists who are using even more than strange equipment to gain a power foothold in the US and eventually the whole world. For example, one of them sets off some sort of gas substance in a city bus and the gas turns to a solid substance trapping and suffocating everyone on board. So now inside the bus where air once was is now a green solid rubbery substance. Tre Cool! The Mentalist also comes on at the same time as the Fringe and it is another one of those CSI, Criminal Minds type shows. Simon Baker is easy on the eyes and he does a good job finding the
truth in his own special way. Should be a keeper on CBS.
Wednesdays: Bones has picked up with another season of strange murders and seemingly unsolvable solved crimes! Boothe and Bones continue to play off each other very well and it leaves us all wondering when they will hook up? (Enough already!!!) Private Practice has returned with its on batch of hits. Naomi has be dethroned due to her inability to keep the company from running itself into the ground. Taye Diggs' character, Sam, has taken over the reigns and it still looks as if this group is in for a bumpy ride. Addison is no longer interested in Pete, but she is interested in a new guy, Kevin, who is a SWAT member on the police force. Cooper is still involved with Dr. Charlotte King, and they are having a hard time keeping their relationship a secret. Violet is feeling neglected by Cooper's relationship and subsequent lying about said relationship. Oh, and poor little Dell has left the practice and Pete is of course sleeping with the new, very young desk secretary. Lipstick Jungle is totally awesome this season. I really liked it in the first season, but this season's first two episodes have kicked it up a notch. Nico is dealing with the death of her husband after learning that he too was having an affair with his student and was actually about to be a father with this student. She is trying to make her relationship with Kirby work, but I fear this relationship is already doomed. It's the older woman younger man syndrome where she has lived and experienced so much already and he is just starting out. Wendy made a valiant but very bad decision at work which comes back to bite her hard! She is continuing to struggle in her relationships at home with her husband and daughter. Victory and her business are doing well despite the fact that Joe owns everything and she is basically working for him, as she is also trying to get over him. Things are starting to heat up in her personal life since she met the hot contractor who is fixing up her business. Red flag though, he has a 10 year old daughter. I am not sure if Victory does kids???
Thursdays: Survivor: Gabon is in full swing. I always find it funny when people go out there and compete in Survivor and then pretend like they didn't know what to expect. I mean we are on the 16th season of the show and if people don't know what to expect now, they never will. Yes, the show has changed some but it still seems to stick to the same format. You are going to have to compete in very physical and demanding challenges. I would like for Survivor to just once have a team of challengers that are all healthy and physically fit. That would show a fight to the finish more than mixing up ages, body types, and health types. I don't have any predictions yet about who I think will make it to the end. Grey's Anatomy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is still my favorite show. But gone are the days of a pole sticking through two awake people or an unexploded bazooka inside a body cavity, now our big time action consists of overturned ambulances and leaky busted pipes. What?!?! This is not the Grey's Anatomy I grew up on! I am kind of tired of Meredith and Derek, Izzie and Alex need to be together already, Callie and Dr. Haan is just ewwy, George is not as funny as he was, and Cristina doesn't have a man!!!! Get on it Shonda! Write some good TV! er is only being watched by me this season out of respect for the first 6-7 seasons. Pratt dies in the season opener and Abby is about to leave??? Who else on there is worth looking at besides Uncle Jessie??? I am hoping that they at least bring back some favorites.... hello George Clooney!! Last Thursday I began watching the new show Life on Mars and it looks promising. It's about a guy who is obviously in a present-day coma after being hit by a car but in his mind he is back in 1973 in the same exact role as a detective. The music is really good with artists like David Bowie, The Who etc. Any show that uses a character from the Sopranos (Michael Imperoli) is fine by me. We shall see!
Fridays: The Ex-List is a really cute show. I am not sure if it has longevity sticking with the same plot line but it will do for now. Bella Bloom is looking for her soul mate which a psychic tells her she had in the past and let go. So she has made a list and is checking it twice! I vote for the ex that she shares custody of her dog with. You can tell she isn't over him.

So there you go. It looks like we have a pretty good season of shows underway. If anyone is wondering what I will be doing on Saturdays, I will be attending meetings for TVholics Anonymous!