Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Emily's wedding

Good morning to all,
It is a nice, cool, and sunny 75 degrees in Pleasant View this morning. I love this kind of weather! Maggie loves it too. She has been outside twice already, and I can tell there is an extra spring in her step. The grass is also a little high right now, because our "yard-boy" doesn't come until the end of the week, so she looks like a rabbit hopping around through the tall grass. Here is a picture of what Maggie does while I contribute to the blogger world...

I drove down to Birmingham this weekend for my cousin Emily's wedding. It was so beautiful and I know that Jason and Emily will be so happy together. He is such a good guy, I can tell!!
The whole weekend was an event to say the least! Friday night, my Aunt and I were invited to the rehearsal supper at a restaurant called The Verenda. We all met out on the patio for cocktails, which I didn't partake in, because my aunt said and I quote, "You are the designated driver." After about an hour, we were all ready to go upstairs and eat. The upstairs room at the Verenda was lovely, and Jason's Mom and sister did an excellent job at decorating. We were served a fresh salad with homeade dressing, mandarin oranges, strawberries, and sugared nuts for a starter. The main dish was a grilled chicked breast marinated in some sort of sweet and sour sauce on a bed of orzo pasta which was mixed with cherry tomatoes, cranberries, and herbs. But the dessert was the biggest hit!! They brought a platter of three desserts out which had a slice of peanut butter pie, white chocolate and raspberry bread pudding, and some sort of delicious cheesecake!! It was awesome, after eating, I went home and passed out in a sugar coma!! We didn't get out of bed the next day until almost 10! I needed to get a thank-you gift for my bestie Cara who was babysitting Maggie for me, so we drove over to The Summit, which is an out-door shopping center. (I hope she likes what I got her! Thanks again, Cara!) We ate lunch at Jim-n-Nick's BBQ for lunch, and then it was time to go back to the hotel and get ready. The wedding wasn't until 6:30, but family was supposed to be there at 4:30 for pictures. She got married at a beautiful Presbyterian church in downtown B'ham, and here are the few pictures I took...

Sorry these last ones are so dark, my camera does horrible inside!!

Here she is with her flower girl and ringbearer. They were very cute but wild!!

The reception following was at The Historic Rucker Place. Check it out, www.ruckerplace.com...

It was a great weekend!! I need to end this now! I have lots of preparing to do for Friday. My Dad and his fiancee are flying in on Friday night and staying with me for the holiday weekend. I really will try to take more pictures over the weekend!! Hope everyone has a good week, and until next time... be blessed! S =)