Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm Mad...

I forgot my camera this weekend.
Short blog...
Be blessed...
Love, S :)

Friday, November 13, 2009


Don't you just love multi-tasking!! I am watching a movie while writing this blog. Which movie you ask... Monsters vs. Aliens. It looks cute so far!! Sorry I haven't had time to blog in awhile. I worked a pretty long stretch at work this past weekend.
I have a busy weekend ahead. The Upper Room is having it's Fall Retreat this weekend at Henry Horton State Park. It's south of Nashville, kind of close to Columbia. Cara and I are driving down tomorrow afternoon. We are stopping off in Nashville at the state fairgrounds on the way down for Christmas Village, which is a big Christmas shopping fest that has been held here for the past 49 years. I hope to get some cute things for Christmas gifts. When we're done there, we will be state park bound. My friend, Leslie, is driving up from Birmingham to spend the weekend with us. I am looking forward to it for sure!!
On Sunday, Cara and I are going to a Titans game around noon, and then I have to go over to Cottontown for Allie's birthday party. Looks like another full weekend for me! Gotta love it!!
The only bad part is that I have to leave Mags at her vet's doggie hotel for the weekend, which isn't much of a hotel... :( They just have a bunch of cages like you see in pet stores. I hope they don't think I am ridiculous in the morning when I drop her off, because I am taking her blanket, her bed, one of her toys, and one of my T-shirts. I really hope they let me get her situated in there too. I want to put her blanket down first, so she doesn't have to stand on those metal bars. Then, I want to put in her bed lined with one of my T-shirts so she won't feel alone. Her toy is there in case she wants to play. SO do you think that's crazy?? Well I don't care, she is my baby and I hate leaving her!! :)
I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I hope to take a bunch of pictures to post on Monday. Until next time, be blessed! S

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Broom's Still Standing

Ok, so I don't usually believe stuff like this, but this time I have pictures to prove it. My friend Cara called me earlier, and said, "Go try this... Stand your broom up with the bristles facing down, and point the top of the broom towards the moon." So I went and got the broom and stood it up in the kitchen, pointing the top towards where the moon is located in the sky. That was an hour ago, and the broom is still standing!!! Here is the proof.....

Do not look at the pile of laundry seen in the background! Maggie was wondering what was going on.... Probably thought I was crazy!! Spooky!!!!