Thursday, August 13, 2009

Picture Blog continued...

Hello again,
I will try this again. Yesterday while I was on here to upload some new pictures, the photo uploader was not working properly so I am back to give it another shot. I left off with the pictures on the day I bought my first place, so I will pick up with my July stay-cation.
Here goes...

This is a picture of Mama and I freezing in the back of Aunt Anna's truck. We were both wrapped up in towels for the entire trip into Nashville.

This is the reason we were freezing in the backseat!! Danny has to have the air on frigid at all times.

This was taken before we went to eat in Springfield at a restaurant called The Depot Bar and Grill. This was my first time eating here. It was recommended to me by a co-worker. Man, was it good!! We all got the 12 oz. ribeye, and I got sweet potato fries for my side. Everything was wonderful!! I recently went back to eat there and got Texas Tails which is my new favorite!!

A picture of me with Mama and Aunt Anna

A picture of me with Mama and Danny =)

Maggie enjoying having company... especially her Gramama!

So these are the best photos from my summer stay-cation... I really enjoyed having Mama, Danny, Aunt Anna, Rusty(dog), and Bailey(dog) over for a few days in my new home! We got a lot of things done, and we had a great time... even if we did get a little grouchy with each other. That is just a part of it when you are with family!

Hopefully tomorrow, I will blog about where Leslie and I went last Saturday night. We had a blast.

Until next time, be blessed!! S ;)

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