Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you!!

Hey everyone!! It is almost 60 degrees here in Pleasant View on Saturday afternoon. I have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger in the kitchen this afternoon. I made a cake to take to a friend, Lindsay, that recently had a new little one. Her name is Evelyn (like that name!), and I can't wait to meet her. I made my famous Cinnamon Pound Cake for her. I hope she thinks its yummy! I also made a Chocolate Chip Cheeseball for a bridal shower at church tomorrow evening. It looks good enough to eat so far. Did I mention that we are covered up with showers in our class group?? So far this year we have 8 baby showers and 1 bridal shower on the books!! We should start a catering business. It is so much fun, though. I think if I could be anything I wanted to be, I would own a tea shop and catering/party planning business! Maybe one day!!

Well, I went to "midnight mass" at Wal-Mart last night..... mass of people, that is. Last night, or I should say this morning at 12:01 am, the vampire movie Twilight came out on DVD! Yes, I like vampire books and movies! I acted like a grown-up and waited my turn in line. There were a bunch of tweens there with Team Edward or Team Jacob t-shirts on. I am sure I would have done the same thing at my age. I am going to attempt to add some photos I took last night at the "mass." Let's see:

For some reason, they had the release party in the lingerie section!!

Another view of the "mass."

Sweet Smell of Success!!

Well, I guess I should end this one cause I need to get ready to go over to Aunt Evelyn's house for supper!! Cara will be here any minute to go with. Love and peace to all!! :)

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Laura said...

I am so glad you let me know about your blog! I am big into the blog world! My blog address is and if you check it out, there are a lot of family blog addresses listed in my blog roll. I will be able to keep up with your world a little better now.
We have yet to pick up the Twilight DVD. My 12 year old daughter is a bookworm and she got us all hooked on it. I will get one as soon as I can.
Have a good night.
♥ Laura♥