Saturday, February 28, 2009

The last day of February!

Hello from Pleasant View, TN. It is a windy 39 degrees with snow in the forecast for this afternoon. I know yall enjoy my weather updates!!
I go to the dreaded workplace this evening, and I will be working for the next three days. I just have to make it through tonight and tomorrow night and then I will be working with an actual helper. I really hate calling it the dreaded workplace because I really do love my job. It is just a lot easier to love my job when I work with people who work as a team. I usually end up getting the short end of the stick when I work with my "weekend partner." I guess things could be worse though. We have been busy at work lately and that usually makes the time go by a lot quicker. :)
It has been a good week. I worked Tuesday and Wednesday, and we were as busy as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. I had help though! Then, I was off on Thursday and Friday. Thursday, I went to a book meeting for a children's book that a group from my Sunday school is writing. It is about a strange, lovely little boy named Alfalfa Zucchini. He is basically very happy with his life and tells the reader about himself using clever alliterations with the alphabet. We will be meeting with the illustrator soon to start sketching out the pictures in our heads. Last night, I met up with some people from the Upper Room (Sunday school group) over at Matt's house. We had a movie/game night which ended up being more of a game night. A bunch of us played Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit and had a blast! I am pretty good at this version of Trivial Pursuit because I watch a lot of television, watch a lot of movies, and listen to a lot of music.
Today has started out as "Blast from the Past" day. I have been watching 90210 re-runs and listening to old Collective Soul and Cranberries' songs! I just love the Cranberries!! Ok, I need to go put clothes in the dryer, (yes Mama, I am washing clothes). I am sure the next update will come after I get done working the weekend. Hope everyone has all the blessings they can stand!! Love to all! :)

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