Monday, February 23, 2009


Good morning everyone! It is sunny and 29 degrees in Pleasant View this morning. I got 6 hours sleep last night and am thankful for those 6 hours because I took a nap yesterday afternoon for 6 hours!!!!!! I couldn't believe it... I guess people that work night shifts can't lay down to take short naps. I missed the Red Carpet and the first important award on the Oscar's. Thankfully, the rearranged the awards this year so I didn't miss anything really important. So....
The Oscar's.... I have already voted Anne Hathaway as best dressed. I thought her emotions during the nominee announcements by Shirley MacLaine were very beautiful, and I could tell how appreciative she was for the nomination. I haven't seen Rachel Getting Married yet, but it is in my Netflix queue. My worst dressed vote is a toss-up between Bridget Fonda and Melissa Leo, another Best Actress nominee. I was so glad that Heath Ledger got his posthumous Oscar for his performance in The Dark Knight... he was awesome; I couldn't take my eyes off of him anytime he was on-screen in that movie! I haven't seen most of the other movies that were nominated so I can't really say that one actor/actress deserved it more than another, except for Heath, of course. Slumdog Millionaire and Benjamin Button took home the most awards.
My weekend was a good one! Cara and I went to J. Alexander's before the theater on Saturday evening. I got Mr. Jack's Crispy Chicken, and she got the Prime Rib. This restaurant has an unusual way of stacking things up really high on the plates. We saw one appetizer plate of Onion Rings that had to be over a foot high. It makes for a really nice presentation! My chicken was very good, (I'm an expert on chicken fingers) but my fries were nothing to write home about. Cara obviously enjoyed her food because she joined the Clean Plate Club. After supper, it was off the Pajama Game at TPAC. The show was really cute! Our seats were in the Loge and were good seats for the price. The show lasted 2 and 1/2 hours, but you would never know that. It was a musical so all the singing and dancing kept me well entertained. We just weren't ready to throw in the towel after the show, so we decided to go to the Melting Pot for dessert. If you've never been, the Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant where you cook on your table and dip your food in delicious sauces. We did chocolate only. I chose the Smores chocolate, and Cara chose the Banana's Foster. Smores was my favorite. We both went home as happy girls and fell into chocolate comas as soon as our heads hit the pillow.
Sunday morning means worship in this house! I attend Madison church of Christ in Madison, TN, and I had an awesome Sunday. In Sunday school, we had a special announcement that one of the couples were expecting a baby. That makes 6 new babies on the list for this year! Worship was absolutely wonderful just like it always is. Brother Phil presented a great lesson on how the meek will inherit the earth. Heard a lot of AMENs!! After church, I went out to lunch with Cara, her parents, her brother Kyle, and Meredith. We ate at the Olive Garden, and I had my fav, Chicken Scampi. When I got home, the 6-hour nap commenced, and you know the rest!
Today, I need to go to Wal-Mart because my cupboards are bare. I also need to take off the garbage and do more laundry!! Fun! Tonight, I am going to a basketball game at church to support the guys in my Sunday school class, The Upper Room. Have a blessed day!

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