Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Good Old Days

I found out today that my cousin, Amy is expecting! Yay!! So in honor of that momentous news, I decided I would post some fun memories from my childhood, growing up with Amy and Emily. Amy and I are exactly 2 months apart to the day, so to say we were close growing up is an understatement. All three of us went through some rough stuff when we were young, and it was nice to know that we had each other! Here we go!!

  • I remember all three of us outside under Meme and Grandaddy's carport playing with a Fisher Price Tape Player and Recorder. We would listen to the music on one side, which was usually kiddie songs, and on the other side, we would record our own masterpieces. One song in particular, I will never forget... "U Can't Touch This," by MC Hammer was our favorite for awhile. We would sing only the chorus of the song over and over, and Em would always interrupt and say, "Lemme say sunthin, lemme say sunthin... a nana nana a nana nana." If I remember correctly, we also put the recorder in the mailbox one time to see what kind of sounds were being made inside there. LOL!
  • Another favorite pasttime of ours was riding our bikes in front of Meme and Grandaddy's house. They live on a dead-end street, so we were allowed to ride up and down the street as many times as we wanted. Emily would follow behind us on her bike, but it sure made a lot of noise. She still had training wheels on her bike, and she would go so fast that the training wheels couldn't hardly keep up!!
  • I think the one thing we enjoyed most of all was playing with Barbies. Man, we had the biggest Barbie collection ever! I still haven't seen one to beat ours. We would completely destroy Meme and Grandaddy's living room while we turned it into Barbie Central!! We had a mansion, tons of car, pools, furniture, and about three big duffel bags full of Barbies and clothes. We used to run and steal some of Meme's washcloths and use them with books or magazines to make a bed and comforter for Barbie and Ken. We also were threatened within an inch of our life to clean up all of the mess, or Grandaddy would take all of our prized possessions and throw them away at the dump, no less.
  • During the summer, Meme would always take us swimming. Usually, she would take us once in the morning and again in the afternoon. We only got to go twice, if we left when she told us to at our morning swim trip and took a nap after lunch. She would take her lawn chair, umbrella, and kitchen timer along with us every time. She would sit in the shade and set her kitchen timer for 30 minutes, which was how long we had in the pool. We were allowed to take one Barbie apiece to join in our pool fun. Ahhh, the memories....
  • We weren't always over at Meme and Grandaddy's house, but most of my memories are there. On occasion, Aunt Anna would have us over to her house for tea parties! We really loved that. We would sit at her dining room table in those birthday party hats with the elastic bands around the bottom, and she would give us hot tea with cookies. My hot tea was mostly comprised of sugar and milk.... yummmm!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this trip down memory lane. It made me think of two of my favorite girls!! I am off in the morning for 6 nights!!! Yippee!! Mama comes on Thursday, and I have a lot to do before she comes!! Can't wait to see her though, it has been way too long!

I hope everyone is enjoying this cooler, fall weather! The leaves are starting to turn here in Tennessee and everything is looking crisp and beautiful. Love to everyone!! Until next time, be blessed! S =)


Scooter and Amy Crutcher said...

Love the trip down memory lane Sooz! Oh what a great time we had :) Love you.

Michelle said...

This was priceless!!! I so enjoyed it. Nothing like the "good ole days". Its crazy how we grow up and things change so quickly. Miss you and love you bunches Suzy-Q! MUAH!

Jason and Emily Fill said...

Ah-na-na-na-na:) Some good times for sure...I still remember the very Barbie of mine that you cut off all of her hair! Oh and the Barbie Mexicanish, peasant skirt that you cut off into a mini. I am assuming that you did that on the same day...Meme should have watched her scissors more carefully! ;) Jk...my favorite was the tea parties with the cone birthday Barbie hats! So fun:)