Monday, October 26, 2009

32 hours

Hey y'all!! I was up for the above mentioned amount of hours yesterday!!! It was so worth it!!! I worked on Saturday night and was off last night, so I usually miss church and take a nap then do something fun in the afternoon. Yesterday, I just felt so good after work that I thought, "hey, I can do this." I quickly got ready and walked out the door on time for church. I didn't have time to grab anything for breakfast, so I ran over to the Sonic in town before getting on the interstate. I was starting to feel a little tired by this point, but I decided to push on. When I pulled out of the Sonic drive, straight in front of my car was a sign. I don't mean a road sign or traffic sign... I mean a sign from the Man Upstairs! With a beautiful bright blue sky as its backdrop, a tree stood in the distance. Not just any tree, this tree looked like it was on fire!! The leaves were glowing with a bright orange color brought about by the change of season. It was the first time this fall that I have really looked at the changing trees. Wow!! I had to stop and take a picture! Unfortunately, the only camera I had with me was on my phone, so the quality of the photo isn't that great, but it is still beautiful! I plan on going out of Wednesday with my camera, and capturing some of fall's beauty! It definitely reinforced my desire to go on with the rest of the day I had planned!

Church was awesome! Something about the singing yesterday was extra special... I guess other people had seen beautiful, bright, special trees on their journey that morning!! I was definitely in a more "thankful to God" state of mind. After church, I went to lunch with my "second family," Ricky, Stephanie, Kyle, Cara, etc!! Once again, I was reminded of how thankful I was to get to spend some time with these wonderful people.
I had been looking forward to Sunday night, since I bought the tickets back in September!! I went to see A Fine Frenzy last night at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville! I first heard of/saw them on Easter 2008. I was in Washington DC with my sister, and she surprised me with tickets to a show. I had never heard of the group, but I instantly feel in love with the music. I always keep a check on their tour schedule and was so excited to see they were coming to Nashville. So last night, my friend Meredith and I went to the show!

A very folksy group called Among the Oak and Ash opened the show. They were very good, and the front guy playing guitar was very entertaining. Next came one of Nashville's own, Landon Pigg, who has a popular song out now called (Falling in Love) Coffee Shop. He was also in a movie out recently called Whip It with Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore, and he played one of the songs from the movie. I enjoyed his show!! Here is a very blurry picture of him...

Then, A FINE FRENZY came out!! I had a great time watching/listening to the show. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't take good indoor pictures of things that are farther away. But I am determined to post one anyway. SO here goes...

I know, I know... I either need lessons on photography or a new camera!! She is in the picture though, and she has long red hair and is dressed in black pants, white button-up, and black blazer! The music was lovely!! If you haven't heard of her, go check out her website. I like all her songs, but her newest single, Blow Away is really awesome!

Needless to say, by the time I got home I was tired, and I laid down at close to midnight. I got to sleep about 13 hours and wanted to sleep longer, but... who can resist this face??

Until next time, be blessed!! S =)

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