Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Ok, so this post is mainly going to have pictures because I haven't been able to upload any for awhile. We will start off with the outing I went on with Cara and family.
This is Cara and I outside Cock of the Walk in front of this beautiful tree that you can't see in the picture.
This is Mr. Ricky, Cara's dad and Kyle, her brother. Kyle obviously didn't know I had the camera on him.
These next few are my attempt at acting like paparazzi.
So enough of that... my paparazzi camera needs more flash for nighttime obviously.

The next pictures are of my aunt and uncle's farm in Ashland City. Since it is springtime, they have had new additions to the barnyard. Very sweet babies!!

This is baby Issac running towards me. He is Rebekkah's firstborn. This is Leah, the milk cow, and her new baby Mordecai. He is so soft and reminds me of a baby deer.

This is a close-up of Mordecai, who is affectionately called Mordi!! Here is Issac and Diana playing together. He kept going under her belly and coming out the other side when she was trying to butt him. Glad humans don't play like that! She is trying to bite his tail. Diana is fairly new. She was born last summer. Her mom is Rachel. Chickens doing what they do best!

A rooster doing what he does best, struttin'.

This is sweet Mr. Ollie (Oliver), the barnyard cat.
So these are all the barnyard pictures. I will upload one more for those of you who haven't seen the "new ride."

I hope this post finds everyone doing well. I will try and make another post this week. Don't hold your breath!! Love to all, S

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