Monday, September 1, 2008

Best Laid Plans

Here we go again!! Well this hurricane has really flipped and flopped our plans! Due to the inclimate weather, which should still be pretty severe tomorrow, we are now leaving on Wednesday morning. This is good in a way because I am working my last shift tonight and have not had time to finish cleaning or pack before leaving. Luckily, I did get all the laundry done. I also will have numerous shows on Tivo that I need to watch before leaving or I will never catch up!!
The new season of Gossip Girl came on tonight and all the previews I have seen look good. I love the line that B has in one of the previews when talking about Chuck Bass. Guess you will need to watch and see which line that is. It is definitely a cute play on words. By the way, if you do watch the CW shows on Monday and didn't get a chance to Tivo them, they show re-runs of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill on Sunday afternoons starting at 4 or 5. So also, I have to see what happened on One Tree Hill!! Which girl met him at the airport??????? I really hope it is Peyton, but it probably isn't. The Closer is new tonight, as well as a new show following it called Raising the Bar. Weeds is new tonight and so is The Hills. So wow, that is 5 hours of TV that I have to catch up on in the morning!!
If for some reason our plans change again, I WILL not blog about. I will just let you know when and how we get there!!!!!! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday after a long weekend! Love to all who are reading!

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