Friday, August 29, 2008


Hello to all,
Since I am new to this whole blog thing, I thought I would give it a try over my summer vacation and see how it goes. Here is the background so you will know the who, what, where, when, etc. My Dad lives out in a suburb of Dallas, TX. The Dallas area is an awesome place to find tons of stuff to do. I won't spoil any surprises but we have a lot of things planned for the 7 days we will be out there. I bet you are wondering who this "we" person is! My friend Leslie!!!!
Leslie and I met in nursing school back in 2004. We attended a community college in Tuscaloosa, AL and have been besties since that time. We also attempted RN school together, but she made it through and I did not. :( That is a story for another time though. Anyway, we are leaving early Wednesday morning just me, Leslie, and my little child, Maggie. Maggie is not an actual child, she is my miniature Schnauzer. As soon as I can, I will put pictures of her on here. She is precious.
So, I am so ready for the 10+ hour road trip. I probably won't update before then because I have to work 4 12-hr shifts starting tonight!

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