Thursday, August 28, 2008

2008 Fall Television Schedule

Well people, it is that time of year again!! I am now ready to post the fall tv schedule after many days of research and compilation! LOL! I know you've missed me! :)

The Amazing Race -
9/28 at 7pm on ABC
Extreme Makeover: Home -
9/28 at 7pm on ABC
Desperate Housewives - 9/28 at 8pm on ABC
Brothers and Sisters - 9/28 at 9pm on ABC

Dancing with the Stars
- 9/22 at 7pm on ABC
Samantha Who? - 10/6 at 8:30pm on ABC
Gossip Girl - 9/1 at 7pm on the CW
One Tree Hill - 9/1 at 8pm on the CW (Who did Lucas call for Vegas?)

House - 9/16 at 7pm on FOX
Fringe - 9/9 at 7pm on FOX (regularly scheduled at 8pm) NEW
90210 - 9/2 at 7pm on the CW (What!!!!! I know!) NEW
Privileged - 9/9 at 8pm on the CW NEW

Bones -
9/3 at 7pm on FOX (2-hour premiere!!)
Pushing Daises - 10/1 at 7pm on ABC
Private Practice - 10/1 at 8pm on ABC
Dirty Sexy Money - 10/1 at 9pm on ABC
Lipstick Jungle - 9/24 at 9pm on NBC

Survivor:Gabon - 9/25 at 7pm on CBS
Ugly Betty - 9/25 at 7pm on ABC
Grey's Anatomy!!! - 9/25 at 8pm on ABC
Life on Mars - 10/9 at 9pm on ABC NEW
ER- 9/25 at 9pm on NBC (this begins ER's 15th and final season)

The Ex List - 8pm on CBS (no start date as of today) NEW

Who watches TV on Saturdays???

*LOST will return to ABC in early 2009
*For those people who actually watch DWTS results show, it of course is on Tuesday nights at 8pm
*NO I do not watch all these shows
*Something you watch that you don't see here? Go look it up


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