Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bad Hair Day

Have you ever seen those dogs that look like mops? Well, Maggie is getting pretty close to looking like that exact dog! I was telling her when I was taking this picture that she needed a haircut, and this is the face I get. :) Luckily, she has a salon appointment next Saturday!

SO... last night I had fun at Ladies Night Out with Cara, Jana, Cindy, and Shannon. We went to Sips-N-Strokes in Hendersonville. You pay $35 for the canvas and class and an instructor teaches you how to paint a picture. This was definitely one of the more difficult paintings that I've done. It has A LOT of details! And it has paisley shapes, which are my definite nemesis when it comes to art class. Here is a picture of the finished product sitting on my kitchen table. It isn't one of my favorites, but I do think its cute, and I had fun with my friends!

Here is a picture I took in the studio last night! I like how it looks more lime green here. If you want to go see what it is actually supposed to look like, go to: and click on the Hendersonville calendar. Find the March 25th painting and compare! :)
Ok, so I need to get off and do laundry since there is probably about 4 loads waiting on me right now. I'm trying to do better at housework. Mainly because my Mom told me that at the rate I was going, I was not going to be able to take care of a husband and child, if I always had a messy house. :) Love you Mama! :0) So have a great week, and until next time, be blessed! S :)

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